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As smart investors have always known, successful trading is NOT about reading stock charts and sitting in your room trading 24 hours a day. It's about putting your money to work for you, so you profit on autopilot and do what you want with your time.

For years, 'autopilot' trading was a luxury afforded only to the privileged few. But now, thanks to MillionDollarBot, you can have your own "digital hedge fund manager" working 24/7 to make educated trading decisions for you.

Forget about trying to pick stocks for yourself. With MillionDollarBot, you can watch the returns roll in while relaxing in front of the TV. Don't delay--get MillionDollarBot today.

Isabella | Manchester
I've never been great with math or statistics, so I was skeptical when they told me I could make money trading. But with MillionDollarBot, it's like having my own personal financial analyst working for me. I just watch the returns come in overnight!
Nicky | London, UK
When I came to London to study, I found it is so hard to keep up with my bills. Now I've discovered Million Dollar Bot, I can easily afford my own place and I'm flying through my degree.
Jessica | Birmingham
I never used to have any luck trading. I would place bets on the markets and get worse results than even in a Casino. But with MillionDollarBot's mathematically-based signals, my account balance almost always goes up!
Steven | London, UK
In today's economy, it's hard to achieve financial stability. So much so that I had resigned myself to never attaining it. But when I heard from a friend of mine that he had been making over $3250 a month with MillionDollar Bot, I had to try it. Now I'm earning a full time living from home while I complete my studies!

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is MillionDollarBot ?

MillionDollarBot is an advanced robot for trading binary options. MillionDollarBot uses it advanced algorithms to make accurate market predictions, generating a high percentage of profitable trades.

How much money can I make?

The sky is the limit. There are MillionDollarBot users making anywhere from $2000 to $50,000 a month. It all depends on how much you deposit--bigger investment = bigger potential returns.

Does MillionDollarBot work on PC and Mac?

Yes. MillionDollarBot is 100% compatible with all major platforms--PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones.

How much does it cost?

It costs absolutely NOTHING to own MillionDollarBot today--just register with your contact information and you're ready to start making money.

I have no trading experience--it easy to use?

Yes! MillionDollarBot generates trading signals for you on autopilot. There is literally no work on your part at all.

What's the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit with the broker is just $250. Make no mistake, this is NOT a fee for the bot, it's simply your trading capital. The bot is provided to you at no extra charge--the only money you have to spend is the money you're investing in the market. And once you start to see your money grow, it'll be like you never spent any money at all!

How soon can I start trading?

You can use the MillionDollarBot System within five minutes of signing up and activating your account.

How about customer support?

We offer 24/7 round the clock support to serve your needs. We've put together a team of MillionDollarBot Experts who can answer any question you have and guide you through the process of getting set up.

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Asset Position Amount Entry Rate Closing Rate Date Profit Won/Lost Balance
USDCAD PUT USD 200 1.38653 1.38642 847.20 USD WON USD 402,247.44
EURUSD CALL USD 250 1.0954 1.09544 554.60 USD WON USD 194,187.56
AUDUSD PUT USD 600 0.72732 0.72736 809.00 USD WON USD 733,838.20
USDJPY CALL USD 250 120.266 120.277 746.00 USD WON USD 703,962.88
EURUSD PUT USD 200 1.09568 1.09546 656.60 USD WON USD 768,700.36
USDJPY PUT USD 200 120.27 120.277 0.00 USD LOST USD 810,527.59
USDJPY PUT USD 200 1.3861 1.38586 915.00 USD LOST USD 187,065.44
EURUSD PUT USD 250 1.09589 1.09592 0.00 USD LOST USD 122,113.42
AUDUSD CALL USD 250 0.72744 0.72748 943.00 USD WON USD 381,180.17
USDCAD PUT USD 200 1.3861 1.38586 915.00 USD WON USD 602,050.50